Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ready for Halloween

One little girl is very excited about Halloween! We have been busy making the kids costumes and are up to our eyeballs in duct tape and spray paint. Hopefully the boys will cooperate tomorrow because Jon and Lilly (and I!) are really excited about what they will be.

Yesterday, Lilly was allowed to wear her costume to dance class. We didn't want her real costume to get messed up before the real day, so she decided she wanted to be a cat. Which was easy enough. And she was one of four cats in class. So I'm thinking the other moms went with easy and inexpensive as well. :)

That night, when we were getting dinner ready, the boys were dragging chairs all over the kitchen and I look over and they have made a train! They are all yelling " Chooo, Chooo!" Lilly was the conductor (who went a little crazy with the face paint when she came home from dance!).

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

long, unintentional blogging break

Shew! It's been a LONG time since I updated this thing! oooops! School has been going great for Lilly and the boys and I are settling into a new routine. Everyone is growing and learning every day.
The biggest news at our house is....
Lilly can rid a bic....or ride a bike ;)

 She's off! 

I feel like it was just yesterday that we were taking our first walk around the neighborhood...

and now this....
sob, sob!

So So So proud of this girl!

Happy fall!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

March of Dimes 5K and Fun Run

This past weekend, we participated in the March of Dimes race here in Wilmington. The boys ran the 5K (well, Jon ran and pushed the little guys in the stroller) and Lilly and I did the one mile fun run. We are very honored to be the Ambassador Family for March of Dimes here. Jon did a great job speaking about the impact March of Dimes has had on our family and other families of premature babies. We look forward to supporting them throughout this year.

This was the first race, Lilly has ever participated in and most definitely the first race I have been in since cross country in high school. A very LONG time ago. Lilly was very excited before the race and we met up with our new friend who was also going to do the fun run with her.
Before the race. Bright and early Saturday morning!
Ebby and Lilly
 I think at some point, Lilly began to figure out just what we are going to have to do and began to get a little nervous.
 Our whole family. One day we'll get everyone to look at the camera......
 The people running the 5K started 5 minutes before we ran the fun run. I wish I had some pictures of Lilly running the race. As I figured, she started out full speed...and then quickly figured out that wasn't going to work for the entire mile. Which made her mad. So she cried. She cried the ENTIRE mile. (It was almost kind of funny to me). I kept encouraging her the best I could and told her we didn't have to run the whole way and that we could walk if we wanted to but we couldn't quit. (Because somehow we were going to have to get back to our car.). When the race was over, I was telling Jon about Lilly's meltdown and he wanted to know what she was crying about. Here is a small list, with the main thing being: She wanted to be the winner. Then she continued with her legs hurt, she wanted to go home, she wanted her Daddy, she hated running, etc, etc, etc. And the reason it was so funny is because that is probably exactly what was running through my head the entire time I did cross country. I hated it but I did it. I knew when she crossed the finish line, she would be proud of herself and glad she did it.
And she was.
I was so proud of her for actually finishing the run. And of course, she wants to do another one.And she is so proud of her little duck she get for finishing the race. So maybe next time she does it, she won't cry. Here are Ebby and Lilly after the race. They weren't that sweaty..they just had a lot of fun with the wet towels they were giving out.

And Jon did so great. We were so proud of him. He came in under his goal which is a huge deal considering he was pushing a huge stroller with three big boys. Yaaaay Jon!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day in the books!

 Lilly had a WONDERFUL day yesterday at school. I was so worried we would be running late and not have time to take pictures and really enjoy the day and we were actually running a little early. (That will probably never happen again!). Lilly was so excited while we were getting ready and so happy. She was even happy to take pictures for me!

I asked her to write her name on the chalkboard. Hopefully I"ll remember to do this every year so I can see how her handwriting changes.
Jon was getting the boys ready while I was taking pictures of Lilly. He opened the door and we saw the sweetest/saddest face. Currin seemed to understand what was going to happen and was not happy. He has perfected the pouty face.

We all piled in the van and Jon sat with the boys as I walked her in. I was hoping she would hold my hand one last time, but she was on the go. Her confidence amazes me and I am so thankful for that! Every teacher she walked by, Lilly said hello to. She knew exactly where to go. They let parents walk students to class the first day but have warned us that they will have to walk on their own after that. I think she'll be fine!

Here she is walking into class with one of her classmates. Lilly had written a letter to her teacher that morning during breakfast and had it in her backpack. That was the first thing she wanted to do when we entered the room was to give her teacher the note.

Lilly sat right down and was ready to work. I was so happy that she was so ready for this day. Neither of us cried and I felt so comfortable leaving her there.
One last look before leaving. 
This girl cracks me up! Watch out world, she's on her way!
My four little lovies. The boys sure did miss their big sis. When I got back in the van after walking Lilly in, Lee asked for "YeeYee". All day long they would walk into her room and say "Yee Yee bye bye". I"m not sure they knew what to do with out their ring leader/mother hen.
(C, L, A, L)

It has been fun listening to what a day in kindergarten is like. She had today off (yay!) but can not wait to go back to school tomorrow. I can only hope this excitement continues all year long.


Monday, August 27, 2012

The Night Before Kindergarten

The big day is almost here! We have packed her backpack, laid out clothes and shoes and our big girl is sleeping. We have spent the summer sleeping in (as much as we can with triplet boys who like to think they are roosters) and doing whatever we wanted. It will all change tomorrow when we have to somehow remember how to have a routine! I think we'll be good though. Lilly seems excited and says she is just a little bit nervous.
The first day of school was actually today, but Kindergarten does a staggered start. (Thankfully!). Lilly will go tomorrow with just a few of the kids in her class and then return Thursday with her whole class. I love that plan. This afternoon, after the neighborhood kids came home from school, we went outside and talked with them about their day. This definitely helped Lilly get really excited about her first day!

And how am I doing? I have been okay! I really am excited for this next stage and seeing what kind of student she will be. We have been reading a lot of books recently about school and it's been fun explaining to her what she is getting ready to experience.
And then I was getting a car that Currin had dropped behind our bed and found some "secret messages" that Lilly had hidden under our bed a few weeks ago that I had totally forgotten about. (I knew she had put something under our bed but had forgotten to look for them that night after she went to bed).
SOB!!!! I am going to MISS her!
The boys all had secret messages too. They all went to sleep with their notes in their beds (Lilly's request). I'll have to take a picture later. They all said "WOOOOWWW" when they opened their card. What a special sister.
These guys (Currin and Lee) and Austin are going to miss her TONS during the day.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Open House

Last night we had Open House at Lilly's school! It was raining and very, very crowded, so I didn't get any pictures. But, Lilly was very, very, very excited about everything. While the teacher came to our house to visit a few weeks ago, Lilly had drawn her a picture while we were talking. Lilly was excited to see that she had taped it on the door. We found her spot at the table and her cubby. Lilly loved running into her friends from preschool and eating ice cream in the cafeteria. I keep thinking that it's so different being on the other side of things at school (being a parent vs. being the teacher). Most especially...the paperwork! ha! All I could think last night while filling out the paper work was how long it would take when the boys go to school.

When we were leaving, I said, "Lilly, that was so much fun!". She said, "Yeah, but not as much fun as the cruise". She's a hard one to please, if that's her standard of measurement. :) I think she is going to have a great year. Although, she does seem so little in that big school!

Monday, August 20, 2012


We spent both Saturday and Sunday at the beach. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast! Saturday we went to Carolina Beach and Sunday we met friends at Wrightsville. At the beginning of the summer, I thought we would never be able to go to the beach and relax while the four kids played together in front of us. I pretty much thought we would be spending the entire time chasing them up and down the beach. Luckily, the boys seemed to have learned to stick close by. Saturday, both Jon and I were able to sit down and relax while all four played in the sand right beside us. We've made it!!!
 Precious girl
 The kids love the pools Jon digs for them.
 Lee spotted a truck!
 Our mermaid
 trying so hard to get a picture of the four of them. (The sea gulls love us by the way)